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Introduction of CEO/Director of the Company (Mr. Pankaj Kumar Rai) :

Mr. Pankaj Kumar Rai completed his education with specialization in electrical engineering. He started working in close association of Testing Laboratories / Industries and realized that the instruments being used for testing could be designed and fabricated. 

Soon he started his own company named “Perfect Instrumentation”. He made several instruments suitable for various testing and calibration jobs. He got good response from the measurement industry.  Mr. Pankaj Rai decided to establish his own laboratory and established one at Bawana industrial area with a name “Hi Physix Laboratory”. This laboratory uses most of the instruments made in his company, Perfect Instrumentation.

This laboratory is accredited by NABL. It is approved by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India. The products which are subjected to tests for the grant ISI marks, can be tested at this laboratory. Presently Mr. Pankaj Rai is Chairman of this laboratory and the laboratory is progressing well with the help of dedicated team of managers and testing and calibration engineers. Encouraged by the performance of this laboratory, Mr. Pankaj Rai decided to set up another laboratory at MIDC industrial area, Ranjangaon. He decided to form a Private Limited Company. Soon 4-5 persons joined to form the Board of Directors.

Now the new Hi Physix Laboratory India Pvt. Ltd. is operating at Ranjangaon, Pune. This laboratory is also accredited by NABL and recognized by BIS. Presently Mr. Pankaj Kumar Rai is CEO of this laboratory.

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